Chris Dobbs

As a former law student himself, Chris knows the pain of a 9am lecture after a pub crawl the night before. Somehow he managed to retain a morsel or two of information during those formative years enough to shed his legally blonde image and actually make it in the corporate world. He has since worked for two corporate regulators, been involved with some major corporate investigations and tried his hand as in-house counsel and at a top tier. If you ask us though we think his real life achievements are acting in an episode of Home and Away with Chris Hemsworth, working on a drilling rig in Hawaii and being the star in a gun commercial directed by a white Jamaican. 

Chris is what we call a legal futurist and is extremely passionate about ‘totally redefining the way we do law’. He also loves advocacy and has nearly completed his Masters in litigation. If you want help with plain English writing and pretty much any legal subject Chris is your guy.

The writer of this bio liked Char so much he married her. While he is clearly biased, don’t take his word for it just try her out for yourself! Char is Legal Counsel to a top financial institution and has loads of real world experience in Government and as a Judges Associate. She also loves a good yarn especially if it involves one liners or the next Gorman clothing sale. A master at thinking on her feet, it never ceases to amaze how Char can talk her way out of any situation. Her years spent on elite mooting teams in Australia and Hong Kong obviously helped.


Char is the creative genius behind ALT and without her we wouldn’t be nearly as interesting.  She is also a brilliant pianist and artist but above all a kind and caring person. We are confident you will like Char as much as we do.  

Charlene Lee
David Baker


David has seen everything in his long and distinguished career. With 3 decades of experience as a Barrister, Judge and Equity Partner, there is really not much that surprises him. But beneath it all he is still that same rambunctious 20-year-old socialist that he was in the 60’s. To get him started just mention American politics, Donald Trump or philosophy and he is off like a rocket. He is an epicurean at heart though we somehow managed to convince him to go vegan for a while. Not to mention we are extremely jealous of his collection of vintage guitars and golfing skills. 


If you want some calm in the storm David is your man. No legal problem is too tough for him to crack, particularly complex areas like evidence, equity, tax or construction litigation (he does it in his sleep). Be prepared for some mentoring.

David Baker
Natalie Keys

Kevin is our resident artist and is always willing to give an opinion on the state of art in Australia. He has a particular interest in indigenous art and the phenomenon of elderly Indigenous women taking up painting in their eighties and becoming global stars. He reads widely and enjoys history and biographies, and believes we are living in an age where there is so much excellent writing that it is difficult to keep abreast of it.


In our opinion, his legal experience is really what's difficult to keep abreast of! He has over 20 years of practising and teaching experience in Australia and abroad including New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Hong Kong. Our favourite thing about Kevin is the passion and dedication he has to help students learn and enjoy the law and studying - at the end of the day, you should always love what you're doing right? 

Natalie is our young gun. Having come through our tutoring program as a student, Natalie knows exactly what law students actually want to know to complete that assignment or exam.


We would like to claim all the credit for her attaining Honours in her LLB or that she won a university law prize in Family Law, but the fact is she was already capable of doing those things without us. Natalie is now a whip-smart Judges Associate and has become extremely versed in things like criminal law, evidence, procedure and family law.


We are extremely proud that Natalie has joined our ranks as a tutor and without her we wouldn’t know about CrossFit, the latest history documentaries to watch on Netflix or where to get the best soy latte in Brisbane.

Natalie Keys
Chris Dobbs

Ciao is a recent law graduate and is our office all-rounder. She gets how tough it gets to balance studying with going to brunch, watching Netflix and most importantly cuddling with furry friends. She secretly wishes that she knew about ALT when she was a student herself!

She's now working full time as a graduate lawyer with Charlene at a top financial institution in Australia. In her spare time, she works on ALT, plays basketball, goes on food adventures in and around Sydney and tries to enjoy life as much as possible.

All of ALT's phone calls and most of the our emails are handled by this young lady so please be kind when contacting us!