meet our tutors

Chris Dobbs

Only available upon request

Chris is what we call a legal futurist and is extremely passionate about 'totally redefining the way we do law'. He loves advocacy and is inching towards the end of his Masters in Litigation. His professional experience ranges from a top-tier law firm to being an in-house lawyer for corporate regulators. If you want help with developing your legal writing and tutoring for pretty much any legal subject, Chris is your guy! 

Charlene Lee

Availabilities: weekday evenings and weekends

Char is the creative genius behind ALT and without her we wouldn't be nearly as interesting. She is currently a Legal Counsel at a top financial institution but have also dipped her feet into the courts as a Judges Associate and in the corporate regulation world as a Lawyer. Char is a master at thinking on her feet and will undoubtedly always have the right answer for you. Her years spent on elite mooting teams in Australia and Hong Kong obviously helped!

Kathryn McMillan

Availabilities: weekdays evenings and weekends

Please note that Natalie is based in Queensland so there is a time difference on our booking system.

Kathryn is an in-house employment lawyer and volunteers at the Caxton Legal Centre. She has previously worked in Melbourne, Mongolia and Switzerland but at the moment she calls Brisbane home. She holds a Masters of Employment Law from Monash University and is well equipped to help you deal with all things relating to Criminal Law, Family Law, International Human Rights Law, Commercial Law and of course Employment Law.

Outside of her professional life, Kathryn is a self-proclaimed rosé enthusiast and travel addict ! 

Lee Walker

Availabilities: Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun

Lee is our in-house academic. Having graduated from Queensland University of Technology with his Bachelor of Laws, he's thrown himself back into university again and again for a Master of International Law and a Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Sydney! If you think he looks familiar, then that's because he's also spent the past couple of years between different universities as a lecturer and tutor. 

Natalie Keys

Availabilities: weekdays - evenings only

Please note that Natalie is based in Queensland so there is a time difference on our booking system.

Natalie is our young gun and an ex-ALT student! She's a self-proclaimed whiz at improving clarity in legal writing so if that's what you're looking for, then book in with Natalie! Having worked as a Judges Associate, she's also become well versed in Criminal and Civil Procedure, Sentencing, Evidence Law and Family Law.  She's also here for the trickiest subject of all - Equity and Trusts!

Ciao is a recent law graduate and our office all-rounder. She gets how tough it is to balance studying with going to brunch, watching Netflix and most importantly cuddling with furry friends. She secretly wishes she knew about ALT when she was a student herself! She's now working as a graduate lawyer at a top financial institution. All of ALT's phone calls and most of our emails are handled by this young lady so please be kind when contacting us!

David Baker

Availabilities: Mon, Tue, Thur, Sat & Sat

David has seen everything in his long and distinguished career. With 3 decades of experience as an Equities Partner, Barrister and  Judge, there is really not much that he can't do. If you want some calm in the storm, David is your man! No legal problem is too tough for him to crack, particularly complex areas like evidence, equity, tax or construction litigation (he basically does it in his sleep). Be prepared for some mentoring.

Kevin Osborn

Availabilities: weekdays & weekends

Kevin has over 20 years of practising and teaching experience in Australia and abroad including New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Hong Kong. Our favourite thing about Kevin is his passion and dedication to help students learn and enjoy the law and studying - at the end of the day, you should always love what you're doing right?