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Develop the practical skills necessary for success in law school and beyond with Masterclasses. Schedule a one hour masterclass with Dr Ben Wardle at a time that suits you, and learn essential legal skills at your pace and on your computer.


Legal Research

Learn the legal research techniques of law professionals. The masterclass will guide you through:

  • advanced legal research techniques using legal databases (Lexis Advance and Jade)

  • legal research techniques and strategies for answering legal problems

  • legal research techniques and strategies for law essays

  • how to easily find case summaries and journal articles written about specific cases or legislation.

Patent Preparation and Prosecution

Legal Essay Writing

This masterclass explains what markers are looking for when reading an essay in law school. It will teach you the skills needed to research and write exceptional essays, and covers:

  • Legal research techniques and strategies for law essays

  • How to organise your research and develop a thesis

  • How to plan and structure a law essay

  • Writing tips and techniques for law essays

  • Referencing tips

Law Attorney

Critical Analysis in Law Assessments

Many exam and assignment questions in law school require you to "critically analyse" a quote or principle of law. But what does this actually mean, and how do you do it well? The masterclass covers:

  • Explaining what critical analysis means with respect to law school assignments

  • Critical thinking skills and techniques

  • Breaking down an argument

  • Critical analysis using academic literature

  • Critical analysis using legal doctrine

  • Critical analysis using legal theory

  • Overcoming common barriers to critical thought

Legal Consultant

How to Answer Legal Problem Questions in Assignments and Exams

To get high marks when providing advice to a fictional client in an assignment or exam requires a set of advanced practical skills. This masterclass will teach them to you, and covers:

  • How to spot legal issues and structure your answer

  • How to summarise law

  • How to develop legal arguments

  • Writing style tips for legal hypotheticals   

  •  Referencing tips

Student in the reading room

Tips and Tricks for Success in Law School

Learn how to most efficiently and effectively study law. The masterclass covers:

  • Finding your purpose in law school

  • Time management

  • How to read effectively

  • How to take notes

  • How to prepare for law exams

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