Frequently asked questions

Which is better online or face to face?

We generally tutor students online. We find it works better as you can do it in the comfort of your own home. It is just as interactive as face to face as we use collaborate technologies which allow two or more people to work on a document at the same time. 

How do the tutoring sessions work?

We base our sessions around you and your needs. If you have a specific assignment question we can provide notes on the key points you need to cover, tips on research or sources to use, as well as editing comments on any drafts you send us. We are unable to create original content for you. 

How much do the sessions cost?

We charge $70 an hour for online tutoring and $80 an hour for face to face tutoring. We usually charge some initial preparation time for a new assignment or topic area depending on its length. To obtain an estimate of the time it will take us to help you with a particular piece of work, fill in the Getting Started Form. You can keep filling in this form each time you have a new assignment or just ask your tutor directly for an estimate. 

How do I book time in my tutor’s calendar?

You can book time in your tutor’s online calendar via the member login. Other than the first time you book, you can discuss how long a piece of work will take directly with your tutor and spread your session over as many different bookings as you like. To avoid disappointment it is important to ask us ahead of time how long a particular area will take. We may also ask you to make top up payments if a particular area takes longer to cover than we thought.


What subjects do you cover?

We cover everything. Although like everything else in legal education, a legal education is about knowing where to look rather than knowing everything off by heart. Our tutors are quite comfortable engaging with various areas of the law although we are human and need time to refresh our memories before we begin a session.

I need help setting up Google Docs and Skype

We are more than happy to help. These links may help ( or ( or we are happy to call you and talk through it directly.