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Frequently asked questions

How do the tutoring sessions work?

We base our sessions around you and your needs. Different students have different needs, and our friendly tutors can meet them all. Commonly, we can help in the following ways:

Understanding legal concepts

Do you have a law subject you just aren't getting? Is the lecturer a little hard to follow and the subject matter dense and difficult? We can provide tutoring sessions to help you understand the content of any law subject. Our tutors are experts in explaining complex concepts in clear and simple language in a friendly environment where you can feel comfortable asking any questions free from the judgement of your peers and lecturers. Weekly tutoring sessions is the best method to keep on top of course content and assessment, but it is up to you how many sessions you would like.

Help with law assignments

Our team of experts can help you improve your assignment marks by talking through legal issues,

proofreading a draft, helping you improve your legal problem solving skills, developing your writing skills, or offering a helping hand to get a grip on the Australian Guide to Legal Citation. We can help you improve the way you summarise law, develop legal arguments, structure your assignment, and meet the expectations of your lecturers. We also provide masterclasses on legal research. The only thing we are unable to do is create original content for you. 

Exam preparation

Take some of the stress out of exam preparation by talking through past exam questions. We can work through past exam questions your course convenor has provided, or use the dozens we have access to from multiple universities. We can also help you improve your understanding of the areas of law you are having trouble with so that when the exam comes you feel comfortable and confident.

What subjects do you offer tutoring in?

We cover everything. Although like everything else in legal education, a legal education is about knowing where to look rather than knowing everything off by heart. Our tutors are quite comfortable engaging with various areas of the law, though we are human and may need time to clarify what the relevant law is at the start of a session. This can be great for you too, though, as you will see how our experts quickly and accurately summarise the law.

We offer tutoring in:

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