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Our services & pricing


We offer tutoring for all law subjects. Our experienced tutors will break down the trickiest concepts so that you can easily understand the law and how to apply it.

Struggling to answer a problem question for an assignment? Our tutors can teach you how to properly answer a legal problem question.

Have a law essay to write and not sure where to start? Our tutors can help you out with legal research, essay structure, developing a thesis, and even legal referencing.


Need another set of eyes to read over your assignment? Our tutors can do that for you! We will check your spelling, grammar, syntax and give you overall feedback.



HELP WITH law essay writing

Whether you require assistance for a specific assessment task or seek ongoing weekly mentoring, our services are tailored to your needs, facilitated online through Google Docs and Zoom to optimise collaborative working between tutors and students.

We can provide the following services:

Individual Sessions
Initial 15 Minute Consultation: FREE
30 Minute Tutoring Session: $45

50 Minute Tutoring Session: $85
80 Minute Tutoring Session: $129
110 Minute Tutoring Session: $169
30 Minutes Proofreading
: $35
60 Minutes Proofreading
: $69
120 Minutes Proofreading: $135
50 Minute Group Tutoring Session:

Purchase a tutoring package and save $
Use sessions with any tutor at any time.
Sessions are valid for two ye

50 minute tutoring plan:
5 Sessions Package: $399 (save $25)
10 Sessions Package: $799 (save $51)
15 Sessions Package: $1,169 (save $106)

30 Sessions Package:
$2,299 (save $271)

80 minute t
utoring plan:
5 Sessions Package: $619 (save $26)
10 Sessions Package: $1,239 (save $51)
15 Sessions Package: $1,825 (save $110)

20 Sessions Package: $3,629 (save $241)

Individual Masterclass: $69
Group Masterclass: $49

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